Landing pages are a must-have for any website. Whether you own an online store or are seeking new subscribers for your online service, these pages should help you collect leads and convert them into sales. Here's a clear introduction to what landing pages are and what's their main purpose: It goes without saying that you need to find a sustainable and scalable way that allows you to create compelling landing pages as easy as possible. WordPress developer and Codeable expert Nathan Reimnitz explains the various ways of quickly creating awesome landing pages for your WordPress website. Let's dive in! Option #1: Using a WordPress plugin Maybe you already have a landing page on your site and you need to create more pages just like it. Using a plugin offers you one of the easiest and quick ways to build landing pages on your website. This is especially if you want nothing to do with code at the moment. WordPress offers a free and functional plugin known as Duplicate Post that comes with all the basic features you would need to start creating landing pages from existing landing pages. This one has 2M+ active installs with many ratings/reviews. There are lots of post/page duplication plugins
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