“Everyone makes mistakes” is an excuse that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Especially in this day and age when you have everything you need to make a great website available at your fingertips. Your website or blog may have various content types with the highest conversion rates. Still, if your landing page fails to attract the right kind of attention, your visitors may not remain interested enough to even want to go through your content. What a waste. When starting a blog or creating a website, neglecting your landing page can be one of the worst mistakes you’ll ever make. Your landing page is the first thing that visitor see as soon as they access your main URL. Vamping it up is just as important as optimizing your WordPress database. What good are speed and performance if your landing page fails to make your visitors stay and explore your website? So then, here’s a list of the common mistakes people make on their landing pages, and what you need to do to either fix or avoid them: 1. Too Little or No CTAs Your website has one true goal: to turn as many of your visitors as possible into subscribers, customers or clients. To achieve that, you need clear and
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