We are getting closer to that time of the year - Black Friday. This is the date where every business owner can accumulate the biggest sales of the year. But other than giving a discount, what can be done to guarantee more sales on Black Friday? According to Adobe, 2016's Black Friday brought in a record breaking $3.34 billion in online spending. 2017 holds a promise to be even better. In this post, I want to suggest 7 ideas that you can easily implement in your site to get more sales on Black Friday. These ideas include: Hero, countdown, price table, coupon, promotion bar, single product sale offer and banner. This tutorial is published alongside the release of our Ultimate Black Friday Kit, and includes examples from the very same kit. Let's go over these examples, and see how to get your website ready for Black Friday in no time! The hero section of your homepage is the one section that is most viewed by your first time visitors. This is the section that will set what kind of impression the user gets about your company and your product. This is what makes it the perfect location to promote your special Black Friday offer. Using Elementor, you can quickly change your current hero to
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