Initab is a Chrome new tab extension for software developers that offers a solution to continually having too many tabs open. It also offers several useful tools to make your job as a developer easier with a quick view of your GitHub Issue activity, Stack Overflow activity, and much more… Features Getting started with Initab is easy. Open the SETTINGS panel and configure your preferences. Don’t forget to try the optional TAB LIMITING feature. It automatically keeps your browser tabs limited to the number you choose by closing older tabs. Some like it, some don’t…so be careful. Do you find yourself constantly hunting around for the GitHub Issue you’re currently working on? Initab pulls your GitHub activity directly from your history, so you don’t have to worry about closing the tab associated with that issue. Simply open a new tab and you’ll see the issue right there in your GitHub Issue Activity. Whoops! You accidentally closed the tab with the Stack Overflow answer that could help you out of the mess you’re in… Don’t worry, Initab has you covered. Click this button to toggle the Stack Overflow panel which is populated with
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