There are times when I hear a story from the WordPress community and I think “That’s a HeroPress story”, whether it has been or ever will actually be posted on the site. Some stories are just so great that you think “Wow, that’s just really great”. This week’s essay is one of those stories, but it won’t be told by the person it’s about. Kim Parsell has one of my absolute favorite HeroPress stories, but we lost her before HeroPress was even properly started. I’ve keenly felt the loss of the wisdom and joy she would have brought to HeroPress. I only met her in person once, at the last WordCamp San Francisco. She was so very much in her element, even I could see it, who barely knew her. I’ve literally spent years now, trying to think of an appropriate way to share her story on HeroPress, and I think this year I found it. The WordPress community was Kim’s family, and she was our mom. I’m going to let some of the people closest to her tell some of her story. — Topher From Jeff Chandler What did the WordPress community mean to Kim Parsell? Family. In order to understand how highly valued the WordPress community
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