People say it’s a page builder killer. And being that I’ve created my own page builder (Page Builder Sandwich – which is currently having a major rebuild btw), I’m obviously concerned. How will it impact my business? My competitors’ business? Will it kill all page builders? I don’t know. But if it does then I’m in big trouble. Last time I checked out Gutenberg, it was just a short demo and wasn’t available for download as a plugin. That was a long time ago, and I’ve been thinking that I need to check it out ASAP to see whether I should be worried or not. I don’t know much about the current progress of the project. From what I know and what people are saying, Gutenberg is the NEXT WordPress. Trying It Out I downloaded Gutenberg from the WordPress plugin directory and tried it out. Here’s my first impression: Everything’s suddenly in blocks. This is quite different from how it was before, where it was a text editor. If you’ve used a page builder, then it’ll feel familiar. Page builders kinda do this as well, mainly because it’s easier to manage different types of content in a “blocky”
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