When your plugin or theme business reaches a certain maturity, inevitably, you start to explore additional revenue streams. One trendy channel is affiliation. Setting up an Affiliate Program can be a powerful, long-term investment that will make you money, power up your SEO, and improve your brand awareness. Alternatively, if planned or executed incorrectly – become a huge waste of time and money. This guide is (probably) the most comprehensive one for commercial WordPress plugin and theme business owners and indie developers. If your team is considering to set up an Affiliate Program you should probably send this over to the person who makes the evaluation. It will help you/them make the right decisions. Motivation One of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked by plugin and theme developers that are considering to use Freemius for monetization is if they can use it with an Affiliation Platform. Due to the way Freemius works, it wasn’t possible. Plus, for various good reasons, we postponed the development of our Affiliation Platform for a long time. But finally, after 25 pages of specs, six long months of planning, development, and testing, we have released our
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