Disclaimer: This is not another article about WordPress SEO plugins and nor is it about SEO agencies. We suggest you use the Yoast SEO plugin but we could’t suggest a SEO agency even if we wanted to. In this article we analyzed Google’s results pages for several WordPress related Keywords. We wanted to determine who are the players getting most of that traffic, how they are achieving their results and what others can do to aspire to reach similar levels. WordPress SEO has become extremely competitive and lucrative. All WordPress related Keywords combined generate millions of monthly visitors. Some of them generate hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in Sales, Affiliate Marketing and Advertisement. Ranking for some of the most competitive keywords is virtually impossible for new Websites. This because a handful of unbeatable giants dominate the most valuable SERPs and they’ll be hard to dethrone. There are hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to promoting WordPress News, products and services. Very few are those who mastered SEO and were smart enough to heavily invest in WordPress SEO to outrank the competition. Are other websites forced to live off
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