WordPress 4.9 hit the shelves last week meaning 29% of the web woke to a nicely wrapped package of code filled with improvements to the way they work with the Customizer, safer and clearer ways to work with code in the admin, and new and upgraded widgets. To peek behind the curtain (which is nicely transparent in our world of open source), we’ve asked Weston, Mel, and Jeff, Co and Deputy Leads on the 4.9 release, some questions about their experiences on the project and their thoughts for where WordPress is heading in 2018. Q: So how does one find themselves leading a release that impacts 29% of the web? Mel: With a great sense of responsibility and a bit of trepidation. The customization focus has been somewhat “on hold” while work on Gutenberg progresses, but there’s plenty of updates we can make while we wait. It made the most sense for Weston and I to co-lead 4.9, so we could concentrate on making some site customization improvements and lay some groundwork for Gutenberg in the future. Weston: This year is somewhat different than previous years in how the WordPress project has been managed. This is the first year we’ve had dedicated focuses (Editor,
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