WP Engine was founded in March 2010 by Jason Cohen after his experience of working and founding startups for many years. The idea for the startup, which has been developed to boost the speed of WordPress to make it more scalable and secure, initially came to Cohen after noticing sites crashing due to high traffic. Speaking to Techworld, Jason Cohen, CTO and founder of WP Engine said: “I found that by doing customer interviews that those were the four things; speed, scale, security and service for WordPress were something people would pay 10 times more for than they would pay just to have the site somewhere in a cheaper situation. “So it was originally born out of a need that I had, so the spark of the idea was something I had but it took some research to figure out whether it was actually a good idea,” Cohen added. This is how Cohen brought the idea to life, and as the years progressed and the company widened they began to do more to provide advanced digital experiences for WordPress users. “One of the things we do is contribute a lot to the WordPress community, so WordPress is open source that means a lot of people contributed to it and still do so it’s
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