Last Wednesday, WordPress 4.9 came out and by now you might have seen a few posts on it. I decided to create a few videos to break it up into some of the features you will find. So pick and choose what interests you. My WordPress 4.9 Update: Success! On the day after the release, I updated our site here at BobWP. In this video, watch as I update the live version of my site (not normally recommended, butI had a backup in place and ready to go if I needed it). Themes and the Customizer In this walk-through, I show you how to select, preview and switch themes via the customizer. I also show you the new features for setting theme customizations via the customizer as a draft and to schedule as well. As promised, here is the screen shot of the scheduled change. (And yes, it really worked and I didn’t cheat here.) Widget Stuff There are some nice additions here in the widget area, including the new gallery widget, the oEmbed features and the ability to add short codes to the text widget. CSS and Code Warnings Even if you don’t get into CSS that much, you might want to watch this as it will help you if you cut and paste CSS into the CSS customizer section. Also, you will see the
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