Have you ever had trouble getting women to speak at your events? Us too. Did you know that there’s a solution this? There’s no one perfect solution, but there is a speaker training workshop written by and for female members of the WordPress community. (https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/speaker-training/) It busts through women’s typical objections, like “What would I talk about?” and “I don’t know enough about … to give a talk on it.” The training runs through exercises (and public speaking practise opportunities) for finding a topic, crafting good pitches, bios, and outlines, and covers tips to becoming a better speaker. This workshop has been tested and proven to increase the number of women speakers at meetups and WordCamps in Vancouver, Seattle, and Montreal. Where do you come in? We’d like to form a group of passionate folk to run and promote this fantastic workshop. We want everyone to know that this resource exists, and that anyone can pick it up and run it. It’s been designed so that the facilitators don’t need expertise; they don’t even need to be experienced public presenters themselves.
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