Recently, I attended WordCamp Baltimore. It provided me with a chance to get out of the house and spend some time in the big city. More importantly, I had the opportunity to learn from and connect with an incredibly diverse group of people. It’s refreshing in a couple of ways. First, it just feels good to get out of my own personal bubble. I spend many hours alone, sitting at this desk with a couple of needy (but loveable) pets as my main source of company. In that way, just walking amongst the masses is good therapy. Secondly, the state of the world sometimes makes it feel like it’s impossible for different people to come together for just about any reason. For me, the experience was sort of a reaffirmation of humanity. Not only is this good for everyone who attended the event, it’s also an amazing asset for the WordPress community as a whole. Exchanging Ideas, Creating New Solutions One of the fascinating aspects of WordPress is that there are usually several paths you can take to achieve any particular goal. For better or worse, nobody has to do things any one way. In an environment like a WordCamp, that means you may learn to approach things with a whole other
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