This year, I’d attended Post Status Publish and WooConf, learning a ridiculous amount from other WordPress professionals at each. At both conferences, I’d been asked about team and support management by a few people. At Publish in particular, I’d delivered a sort of meta talk on building and selling eCommerce software with Brent Shepherd from Prospress. We wanted to cover several facets of building products, from strategy and hiring to product planning. We had some really interesting questions from audience members during the talk and afterwards, and one of questions we’d been asked was what we found most helpful in building teams that maintained company culture as we grew. At SkyVerge, we’ve grown pretty rapidly in 2017, doubling our team size since the end of last year (much of it thanks to growth in Jilt). Our company culture is vitally important, as we’re a team that values high performance, but also solving interesting problems and enjoying ourselves while we do it (sprinkled with the appropriate level of gif and meme-sharing). However, building that sort of culture while keeping a growing team on the same page requires a ton of planning and
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