This turbulent second half of the the Dumitru Brinzan interview revolves around his controversial blog post Inside Theme Review Team: Money, Abuse and Inconsistent Leadership. Donnacha and Dumitru discuss the series of events that led him to be the first member of the Theme Review Team to publicly call out the corruption that makes WordPress worse for users but, conveniently, hands a million dollar business advantage to leading volunteers. We talk about how Dumitru’s background, growing up in Eastern Europe before the fall of communism, imprinted upon him the urgent importance of not allowing corruption to slide, especially in slow-moving, bureaucratic, cult-of-personality situations. For anyone involved in WordPress, this interview is worth listening to precisely because it is so rare to ever hear an insider talk openly about the very real problems that are festering behind the apparent blockbuster success of WordPress. Dumitru Brinzan: @dumitru @hermesthemes Donnacha: @WordSkill
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