It’s a simple numbers game. If millions of people are using a system, there are many more people learning to exploit that system. WordPress is currently powering up ~28% of the entire Internet and the most used CMS in the world. That makes WordPress sites a popular nut to crack for people who don’t have good intentions. According to WordPress developer and Codeable expert Liam Bailey: The number of hackers who are trying to find exploits, some for good, some for ill, is a vast amount. And because of the popularity of WordPress, these exploits are quickly being discovered, exploited and/or publicized. Now that you just launched your freshly "baked" WordPress website it’s time you and I have the talk. Can you handle the truth? Well, here it is: your login and password are the only things you have in place to keep hackers off your website. It's freaking scary, I know. Actually, there are 4 unquestionable truths about a new WordPress website security you ought to know. Don’t worry too much, for now. There's plenty of room to improve. Ready to start? Great! A new install of WordPress gives you a functioning site and a working database. The main issue is
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