“In the next 6 months, our objective is to reach 40,000 MRR.” Those were the closing words of my last article published last spring. Six months have now passed and Weglot is reaching €44,000 in monthly recurring revenue, surpassing our expectations! It’s funny because, on a day-to-day basis, it always feels like our growth is not going fast enough. Like this day or that week could have been better. But looking back on these past 6 months, our progress has been more than real: Everything has more than doubled. Not only the numbers, but also the team, and even the office space! As Weglot is starting to rise, it’s time to reflect on the challenges we faced these past six months. Building a talented core team After our fundraising in April 2017, the first challenge we faced was to recruit for two key positions. At the time, it was still just Augustin and I, working full time. 75% of our time was dedicated to customer support and we were craving for time as we desperately needed to improve the product. So we decided it was time to recruit a Lead Customer Support to start improving our customer support service and a Lead developer to work on the Weglot platform.
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