The Gutenberg plugin’s Halloween release (version 1.6) includes major updates to the writing experience and many performance improvements. The block toolbar has been relocated to the top of the editor, a suggestion that was mocked up and described in detail in a post on the Yoast SEO blog proposing an alternative approach for Gutenberg. Prior to version 1.6, users could inadvertantly end up in a situation like the screenshot below – with tools and toggles popping into view from all sides of a block. Previously, any small mouse move would pull the block toolbar back into view, which made for a somewhat jarring writing experience. Gutenberg 1.6 makes the block toolbar completely independent of the content by fixing it to the top of the editor. This move reduces the amount of visual distraction in the writing zone, while keeping the toolbar accessible in a way that is familiar to users coming from the Classic Editor. The toolbar will automatically adjust to display tools specific to the block type that is in focus, so that users don’t have to sift through other tools that are not applicable to that specific type of content. It does not show if no blocks are selected.
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