The best thing about WordPress is that it’s accessible to all. Anyone can start a WordPress business, backed by an amazingly supportive global community. The barriers to entry are low and with only 25 percent of WordPress professionals working full-time, it attracts people wanting a successful business and a flexible lifestyle. But how can you take your WordPress business to the next level? What if you don’t aspire to the traditional route of growing your company and taking on staff, an office, and everything that comes with that? This is the story of how I co-founded Barn2 Media with my husband Andy, and scaled it from a startup to one of the UK’s best known WordPress agencies with over $300,000 annual revenue. We’ve scaled from a two-person company to a virtual team, and from a web design studio to a plugin business – all without employing a single person. The Early Days For years, my husband Andy and I worked traditional jobs while dreaming about starting our own business and building a more flexible lifestyle. We finally took the plunge in late 2009 – Andy quit his day job to start a web design business, which I supported alongside my existing
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