Learning how to create a landing page is something every internet marketer needs to do, especially if they want to receive optimum conversions. You can’t just slap a product on a page with a Buy button and expect people to purchase. Things can also get out of hand if you try to wing the process of creating a landing page. This is why you need to learn how to design and build your own landing pages as well as what to put on them. That’s what this post is about. We’re going to go over what a landing page is before diving into the specific elements yours should have. We’ll also go over the various tools you can use to design or add a landing in WordPress. You’ll have enough knowledge to create landing pages that convert once all is said and done, so let’s get started. There are technically two definitions for the term “landing page”. The first describes the page a user “lands” on when they visit your site for the first time. The second describes a page designed to encourage the user to take a specific action on something you promote. This is the one we’ll be going over in this post. Types of landing pages There are three
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