The secret of happiness is helping others. Charity websites are the modern way to share what you have for the betterment of a community or environment. To make a promising charity website that builds trust among people there are some essential traits; that’s what we are going to see in this post, how to make a charity website that build trust and raise funds in record time. Important Elements in a Charity Website As always at VictorThemes we make themes after doing an extensive study on the niche. This time to develop Groppe WordPress Charity Website Theme we studied top 200 charity websites. To make a promising charity website, these are the major characters you must concentrate on charity websites. Your Mission State a clear mission of your nonprofit organization, this should be the first segment in any charity websites. Make the first impression with the cause; why are serving, what you are doing, what viewers can expect from you or what you expect from them. In this segment add supportive elements like image carousels or image/video that displays your work. For example; take a look at the Wildlife Alliance, a tropical Asia forest preservation NGO organization. A clear-cut
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