WordPress themes usually have defined various custom image dimensions for thumbnails and featured images. That means when you upload an image, WordPress will automatically generate several thumbnails from the original image that are required by your WordPress theme. These generated thumbnails can be used in WordPress as featured images and thumbnails across various locations on your website (e.g. archives, widgets, sliders, etc…). In this WordPress tutorial we’ll cover what you can do to ensure that you have consistent thumbnails on your site. We’ll also have a look at how you can change predefined image dimensions in WordPress and add custom image sizes. In short, you’ll learn what you need to display images nicely on your WordPress website. Having inconsistent images on your website may not only look ugly and unprofessional, but can also lead to various issues. For example if you are using a slider with inconsistent images, the slider may move up and down when sliding through the content. This is because the slider may need to resize for each slide based on the different image sizes. You can avoid these kind of issues by uploading images that meet the minimum
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