Page speed is one of the most concerning things to the WordPress website developers. While Google is considering page speed as a determinant of search engine ranking, the WordPress website users are putting extra weight on this factor. At this point, CloudFlare CDN can help in optimizing the website and reduce page loading speed. Integrating CloudFlare CDN into WordPress is as easy as pie. So what is CloudFlare? What is CloudFlare? CloudFlare CDN is nothing but a Web Application Firewall, a content delivery system, and a distributed proxy server. The implementation of CloudFlare helps in optimization of the website while as a proxy between the server and visitor. It also helps in protecting the website from DDoS attacks. You can found that a free basic plan is available, which is just ideal for small websites and blogs. But, if you want premium services, it is available for $20 per month. Difference between CloudFlare and MaxCDN The use of CloudFlare CDN is widely appreciated. However, many WP service providers also suggest for MaxCDN instead of CloudFlare. Although people use CloudFlare and MaxCDN to serve the same purpose (almost!), there are quite differences between them. MaxCDN
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