There’s a blogging niche for just about every topic, with some topics dominating the popular interest moreso than others. And people flock to certain niches as they come into fashion. Speaking of fashion, sometimes niches evolve to take on new meanings. Fashion has become lifestyle, has become travel—you get the idea. While some niches are trendy, others are timeless. The perfect example is the niche of food blogging, which seems to never quite go out of style thanks to a super receptive audience of hungry patrons. Everyone’s gotta eat and many flock to the internet to seek out information regarding how to do it with regards to certain dietary restrictions, allergies, and ideas for improving on dishes you already know. Thanks to the popularity of food blogging (both in terms of available resources and audience size), those with specific dietary needs and preferences don’t have to settle—they can consult the blogosphere to empower the creation of a meal that tastes amazing regardless of what restrictions they have. Let’s go through the process for how to start a food blog, starting with the all-important why. Why Start A Food Blog It seems clear as
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