Just looking for the how-to? Scroll down to ‘How-to starts below’. One on the benefits of WordPress is it’s collection of over 40.000 plugins in the plugin repository. There is probably a plugin available for every feature you can imagine, just as long the feature is not too site specific. However, as a professional WordPress developer I try to use as little plugins as possible. Therefor I have multiple reasons: I want to know exacly what code is in my project. When a error accurs in a plugin you have to rely on someone else to fix a bug. A plugin almost always has more features than you need. You have to rely on someone else to release a bugfix. Less code = better! Just recently a project I was working on needed a page where users could edit their profile. The website was a internal website for a hospital where specialists and doctors could log-in and find info on different medical publications. And as said, the doctors had te be able to edit their profile by themself. This was a perfect use case where a plug-in could add this feature to the website. However in my opinion that was just overkill as the only thing needed was a simple form with some logic basicly :).
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