One of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks in WordPress is making sure that everything is updated. Otherwise, you risk security breaches of your and your client’s websites. So far, the only way to make sure that everything is top-notch has been by regularly logging in and performing bulk updates or Safe Updates across your websites. That ends today. From now on you can schedule all of your updates, across all of your websites on ManageWP. That goes for regular and Safe Updates, giving you also the option to rollback if something goes wrong. Imagine logging into ManageWP and not seeing 137 pending updates, knowing that all of the updates were done when your website traffic was at its lowest. The ability to schedule updates gives you the flexibility to select the most convenient time and date for your updates, so that in case something does go wrong, it’s when 90% of your customers are sleeping. A day in the life of a ManageWPer with Automatic Updates It’s worry free. Rather than thinking about when you scheduled your plugin updates versus when you scheduled your theme updates, with our automatic updates you know that it’s all being updated at the same
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