With Elementor version 1.8, we've completely changed the way you write in Elementor. From now on, writing is done visually and directly on-screen. Simply click on your page and start typing. We've just released Elementor 1.8, with the much anticipated Inline Editing feature. Our new Elementor UI will make you want to stop everything and start writing content. Writing landing pages, blog posts, all is now possible with Elementor while writing directly on the frontend of the page. I am very excited about this new Elementor version. In fact, I am writing this very post while using the new Inline Editing feature. Our challenge with this version was to keep the current interface you know and love, and integrate inline editing in a seamless and user friendly way. Writing on the left panel is still available, but there are many situations where you are likely to prefer writing directly on the edit screens. Here are some situations like that: Fixing spelling mistakes or changing phrasing on current content Creating long form blog posts Optimizing landing page copy This is a huge advancement for Elementor's page design experience, and it's an extremely helpful feature for content writers, marketers,
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