Lead generation is a marketing technique you can use to grow your audience and increase your sales. There are a lot of tools and strategies you can use to set up a lead generation system in WordPress, which is what we’ll be going over in this post. Basically, it uses blogging, email marketing and many of the things you already use on your site in a way that helps you acquire subscribers who are most likely to become customers. We’ll cover what exactly lead generation is before going over how it helps you generate subscribers who will eventually become customers. We’ll also go over the tools and services you need to set up a system of your own, how to optimize it and what to do after you capture a lead. Let’s get started. Your business does a lot of things, but your number one goal should always be to generate revenue. After all, if you’re not generating enough revenue to sustain yourself, you’re not succeeding as a business. Lead generation allows you to use your email list for more than just keeping in touch with your subscribers through newsletters. It gives your email list a higher purpose by giving you a plan that encourages casual visitors to
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