If you want to make informed, data-driven decision, analytics data from your website alone can’t help you. You need data that answers the questions that reveal the most strategic path forward for your business. Sounds good, but having the right question, the data to answer it and the user interface to do it is not always easy. EZ Data was built to analyze your WordPress data, so you can make more informed decisions for your business. You create a group, send data associated to that group, and EZ Data analyzes that data, as simply as possible. They have a great article about the importance of business data analysis, however what about a very simple example of data analysis using Caldera Forms? Polls Polls, whether it is a silly fun poll created by your favorite buzz website, or a poll for to help us understand how the world is feeling, are all created to help analyze data. Caldera Forms is one of the best form builder WordPress plugins, so let’s use it as an example, conveniently EZ Data is already integrated with Caldera Forms. EZ Data WordPress Plugin If you want to do this on your website, you will need to add the EZ Data WordPress plugin to your website, which will give
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