If there is one question that goes back to the very beginning of blogging, it’s “what blogging platform should I use?” Everyone asks this question (to Google, most likely), and everyone gets bombarded by a thousand different answers. (For years, the most popular post on my personal blog was “Blogger vs WordPress: My Experience with Both” that I wrote in 2010, and we even have one here from 2014.) That format, the head-to-head, X vs Y post, is still absurdly popular, with one of the most common being Medium vs WordPress. For good reason, too. Both Medium and WordPress are fantastic platforms with a lot to offer bloggers. When considering where your blog should live, you need to know there is no wrong choice here. You would do fine with either Medium or WordPress, but hopefully I can guide you through some of the more stand-out features for both to help make your decision a little easier. Look Inside Yourself (or Your Blog) When considering whether to go with Medium or WordPress (.com or .org), you need to think about what you need out of your blog or publication. Is it a personal blog you’re doing as a hobby, or are you going to monetize it eventually?
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