Create your content once and you’re done! Re-use your Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes in any course – at any time! Writing new update announcements is always enjoyable. But even more so for today’s update! After many months of development and testing it is with great pleasure to tell you about LearnDash Version 2.5 – a game changer for LearnDash and the way you create your online courses. Let’s jump right into it! Re-Use Your Content in Any Course Have you watched the video at the top of this page? If not, please do. And subscribe to our new YouTube channel while you’re at it. For years, one of the more frustrating aspects of any WordPress LMS has been the inability to take a lesson that you have created and re-use it in an entirely different course. To do so, you have to create a copy (or clone) of the content and assign it to your new course, resulting in hundreds of lessons that are exactly the same. This is no longer the case in LearnDash. Starting today, any Lesson, Topic, or Quiz that you create can be used over-and-over again in any course. No need to create copies or clones of your content. Truly, it’s “one and done”. Not only
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