The freemium model is a well-known business model in WordPress. Basically, you have a free plugin with core features and a pro one with advanced features (or add-ons). In this tutorial, you will see how I use OOP to show my users the upgrade option. That could help you get better conversions in WordPress plugins. Loading Order To use OOP to drive better conversions, you will have to understand how everything works. The first thing is the loading order. In my own plugin, I am using Freemius to provide my Premium version. That service allows me to have the premium code in the same place as my core features and on deployment, my premium code will be extracted from the free version. If you’re using another method, that’s fine, as long as you are loading your premium classes before the free ones. You don’t have to load all the premium feature before, just the classes from the features you want to show as premium features. It might be confusing now, but bear with me and I’ll show you what I mean. Plugin Features In this example, the plugin premium features will be some of the integrations. Imagine an admin screen of integrations. Each integration is a separate class.
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