Hi could you tell us a little about yourself and background? Ana: Hi, thanks a lot for inviting us for the interview, it is a pleasure. Before we started with Anariel Design I had just finished Civil Engineering studies and moved to Germany. As I couldn’t find myself in Civil Engineering and wasn’t happy with the studies I finally decided to try something for myself, something I always wanted but didn’t have the opportunity to try, web design. Having Marko’s enormous support (I couldn’t manage this without him) I started to learn to HTML and CSS and then building WordPress themes. Marko: Hi there, thank you for inviting us to do the interview. To put it short, in my case it is a typical story of a musician that discovered WordPress :). I don’t know if you noticed that connection, but I met so many people in the WordPress community that are or were musicians. It looks like a pattern :). Before that, I studied management, but didn’t find myself in it and wanted to try to make a living being a musician. So I quit the study just a few exams before the end and moved to Germany. Thirteen years later I’m still in Germany, but music is more like
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