Hi could you tell us a little about yourself and background? Hi! I am a wannabe game developer who fell into web design. I studied digital art at university, specialising in game art, but the course was broad and covered web design (and sound design, special effects, all sorts). After graduating I got a job at Miniclip.com as a game artist, but the company was small, and when they found out I knew more about web design than they did I moved over to doing more of that. Eventually I was promoted to director of web development. In 2005 I started using WordPress, in 2007 I partnered with Darren Hoyt to create a premium theme shop; ProThemeDesign.com. In 2015 I left Miniclip to set out on my own, working exclusively with WordPress. When did you first stumble upon WordPress? In 2005 I wanted a better way to manage the content on my website. Previously I had made my own, poorly coded, content management system but it didn’t have any dynamic features. This was around the time when all the cool kids had a web dev blog so I thought I would try out the most popular software. I downloaded loads of them, and WordPress was the only one I could get running without jumping through hoops. I got
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