Is selling WordPress plugins your route to a multi-million dollar fortune? Or will you just end up living in poverty with your mother? Here are seven things you can learn from dealing drugs that might help you run a successful WordPress plugin business. “Selling drugs is the worst job in all of America” Substitute the word ‘drugs’ for ‘plugins’ and ‘America’ for anywhere you like and you have the perfect description for how it feels sometimes when sales are flat, support calls are mounting up, and you can’t find the cause of the bug you’ve been trying to fix for the last three days. The quote is taken from Steven Levitt’s 2004 TED talk called ‘The freakonomics of crack dealing’ (around 55 seconds in). The talk is a few years old now but definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already. Levitt is one of the authors behind Freakonomics and his TED talk covers the famous chapter in the original Freakonomics book which reveals the economic reasons behind why so many drug dealers live at home with their mothers. In short, back in the early 80s you couldn’t really make any money selling marijuana
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