We’re adding a new member to our family of calendar and event management tools and want you to meet it. For nearly eight years now, our team here at Modern Tribe has been delivering top-notch event management products to WordPress users the world over. And we couldn’t be more thrilled at the support we’ve received. Our flagship calendar product, The Events Calendar, enjoys an active install base of over 500,000 sites, with more than 8 million total downloads on WordPress.org. Users of The Events Calendar are in good company, too–our software is trusted by such established names as Microsoft, Steelcase, and Stanford Law School, so you know it’s dependable enough to be relied on. We’re fortunate to be recognized as a leader in the event management space, and we regularly field inquiries from users of non-WordPress-based platforms who are interested in working with our plugins. As a WordPress-driven company first and foremost, we’ve crafted all of our existing plugin offerings with the WordPress platform in mind. Our newest product is our first step towards bridging the divide–a WordPress-powered, platform-agnostic solution that’s as
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