WordPress recommends that you use PHP version 7 or higher. However, the vast majority of web hosts put your site on version 5.x by default. That means you probably need to update your site to PHP 7. In this post, I’ll talk about why and how to upgrade, and how to make sure the process goes smoothly, with no downtime on your site. What is PHP? PHP is the programming language that WordPress and many of other CMSs are written in. PHP is very handy for developers, because it can take information from a database and display it on a web page. PHP has been around for a really long time (it is ancient in internet years) and it evolves as the Internet evolves. New versions of PHP are released on a regular basis (or not so regular, since version 6 never made it off the ground and they skipped from 5.6 to 7). Updated versions of the language provide new tools for developers, as well as security improvements for the web as a whole. Why should I upgrade? The WordPress team strongly recommends that you use PHP 7 or higher. Your site will run faster and be more secure from hackers. More and more plugins use features that are only available with PHP 7, so there are a lot of plugins that won’t
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