There are many reasons why you may end up cloning a WordPress site. You could move from local server to generation server or the other way around; you may set up a testing domain or organizing server on the web. Perhaps you’re moving your site to an alternate hosting provider, or need a duplicate for a comparative study. Maybe you just like having a backup. Regardless, it’s key that the content compares precisely to the original site. All things considered, what is the point of tinkering around with your variants if they do not correspond to your live site? Nothing! Obviously, you can clone your WordPress site manually. As a rule, this more often than not includes the several processes like the following: Duplicating your records and database Transferring them to the new domain Refreshing the database references Altering wp-config to fit the new site condition Let’s be realistic — duplicating a WordPress site on your own is a huge headache. On the off chance that you were looking for alternatives, today is your day of reckoning! Say hello to Migrate Guru! As WordPress plugin, Migrate Guru can help you cut down the number of tasks to be performed when you want
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