It’s difficult not to be amazed at how significantly WordPress has evolved since its humble beginnings in 2003. What once started as a simple blogging platform is now the most popular website management system of them all, running nearly 30% of the entire web. What’s more, it is used not only by small business owners, bloggers and people in the web development ecosystem, but also by some of the biggest celebrities and brands out there. Though, I’m not entirely sure Beyonce is actually aware that she has WordPress running her site, but I digress! Back on topic: We all know what WordPress is capable of today. But what about those early versions? Do you even know what WordPress 0.7 used to look like? Or, when WordPress actually started looking like the WordPress we know now? Let’s answer these questions today. Here’s a rundown through all of the major versions of WordPress to see how the WordPress UI has been evolving over the years. The evolution of WordPress UI – 2003 to now I tried getting and installing every version of WordPress from the official archive, but that turned out much more difficult than it might at first seem. Long story short, modern
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