We're often asked for our recommendations for image optimization plugins. So we decided to run some official tests to determine what our preferred and recommended image optimization plugins are. For the tests, we focused on a variety of factors, which we will get into shortly. But we want to point out that the test's goal was not for SEO specifically, although it was a factor in the comparison. The goal was for a well-compressed image with minimal to no quality degradation. How We Tested We started with what we are calling the "control" image. It's a professional wedding photograph which shows a bride and groom, movement, high contrast, a lot of color, skin, and texture. This photograph was picked as the control on purpose, to cover a wide variety of items that photographers would look for in a compressed image file. We initially started testing locally, using Local by Flywheel. However, it turned out that some of the plugins we tested required a live server on the Internet. So we wound up creating a development site on a high-end cloud server. Before uploading images we disabled the built-in WordPress image compression by using this plugin. We also kept all the image optimization
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