A multilingual site helps you rank content in local searches and generate more traffic. However, building a multilingual site adds a whole lot of complexity in the site structure. Talking about WordPress, it comes with 70+ language packs. But it allows you to select only one language for your website which becomes the default language for your dashboard. This is where the WordPress multilingual translation plugins come to the rescue. Today, I am excited to review one of such plugin – TranslatePress – that helps you build a multilingual website quickly. This is by far the best translation plugin I have experienced. It provides a unique combination of machine and human translation to quickly translate your website. Let’s dive into further details to see what it has to offer. TranslatePress TranslatePress is developed by CozmosLabs. CozmosLabs homes a team of nine people and rocks a solid portfolio of 7 plugins with 80,000+ active installs. TranslatePress is their latest product. Launched two months before, it currently enjoys 800+ active installs. One can imagine from these figures that TranslatePress is definitely going to stay and not going anywhere anytime soon. Apart
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