Generating online sales is the real challenge for any digital business. It’s hard to build trust and make people buy your product. It takes a lot of effort to curate a brand that people can rely on. Displaying real-time customer activity on your product site has become a recent trend in marketing your product. When you are visiting a site and you get to know that people are buying their products in real time, or if any of your recognized community leaders buy them, that improves the trust factor and has a direct impact on sales. Today, I am supercharged to review a WordPress plugin that does just that it’s called WPFomify. It helps you increase your conversions and sales through social proof marketing. Using this plugin, you can show users’ activities like new subscriptions, purchases, signups, donations and what not. So, far the best thing about WPFomify is its integration with other popular plugins. It integrates very well with WooCommerce, EDD, etc. I will be discussing it in detail in the later part of the review. Also, a special shout-out to my friend Puneet Sahalot who’s done an impressive job with this plugin. I think you should really check this one out.
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