“I just love those video backgrounds and we need them on our new website.” No, you don’t. “They are so engaging and set a friendly mood.” No, they don’t. “It’s an amazing new feature and it helps conversion.” No, it doesn’t. Besides that, the conversation is annoying me. Video backgrounds suck big time. Our good friend Karl Gilis of AGConsult said it perfectly: “Video backgrounds are the new sliders. They’re a distraction.” And just like sliders suck and should be banned from your website, so do video backgrounds. Why do you need that video background? I dare to state that video backgrounds were invented by web agencies trying to convince customers of a particular design: Hey, this will make you stand out! Now this really sets a mood on your website, don’t you think? Of course we can create that video for you at a mere x dollars extra Video backgrounds will keep your visitors’ attention, so time on page goes up and that’s good for Google. What!? You’re not maintaining that site for Google, but for your users. The second reason for video backgrounds is that we all have said at one point
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