In many situations, building a website is a straight-forward process. Many projects can follow similar path; as sites get bigger, however, there’s more to think about. If you’re working with a financial institution you’ll need to follow certain regulations. The same goes with education, government, and the medical field. When we work on medical projects, there’s an incredibly important regulation that we need to keep in mind called HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act. While there are many facets to this law, there’s one that people in tech really need to focus on: the section of HIPAA called the “HIPAA Privacy Rule.” The HIPAA Privacy Rule Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, anyone who works with patient health information must protect it. For example, a nurse cannot disclose patient information (or protected health information – PHI for short) to anyone except those that have been specifically authorized by the patient. There are some nuances to that example (like usually you can find out if a patient is staying at a hospital, but some can’t even know that much). The main takeaway is that under the
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