Inheriting a website built by someone else can be intimidating for even experienced web designers. That holds especially true for sites built with WordPress. The fact is that there is any number of themes and plugins a site could be running – not to mention all the customization possibilities. While the ability to create something in multiple ways is part of the beauty of WordPress, it also makes it feel darn near impossible to decipher all the ins and outs of a particular site. Taking over someone else’s creation is definitely not for the faint of heart. But there are some specific steps you can take right from the very beginning to get a sense of the situation you’re faced with. The following is a checklist of items to check when forming an analysis on an existing WordPress site. It may be a good idea to run through the list before sending any cost estimates over to your new client. Project Requirements Administrator Access to the WordPress Dashboard Access to theme files (preferably through FTP) Text Editor 1. Login and Explore The first step is a simple one. Take a cursory glance through the WordPress administration area (aka Dashboard) and make note of the active
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