WordPress powers over 28 percent of the web. With that comes 150,000 plugins and themes, which adds up to over 1.3 billion downloads on WordPress.org alone. It’s truly a powerful platform that can allow for a lucrative plugin business. However, when we examine the space more thoroughly, we find that only less than 5 percent of the products have a paid offering. You may think that these 5 percent own 99 percent of the market, but it’s actually far from it. The monetized items are only 22 percent of total active items. The vast majority of installed and active plugins and themes in the WordPress market actually have no paid offering. Most WordPress Developers Can’t Jump (Do Not Monetize) Technically speaking, developing open-source distributed software like a WordPress plugin or a theme is fairly easy. A combination of PHP and JavaScript/HTML and basically that’s it – you are ready to roll out your WordPress product! No need for servers to run your software, you don’t necessarily need to know much about databases, and object-oriented programming is not even required. In fact, many of the most popular plugins and themes in the WordPress ecosystem were
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