The update that we all have been waiting for is finally here! That is right! Beaver Builder creators have recently announced the launch of the BB version 2.0 which has taken the Page Builder features and functionalities to a whole another level. Apart from the interface, there have been many other advancements and updates that have made the beaver builder 2.0 a real game changer. For those who just can’t wait anymore and want to get their hands on this excellent product, you can download it from the Beaver Builder website. There are many improvements and upgrades with the page builder, let’s understand each one individually. User Interface Upgrade One of the most significant improvements that you are going to see on the Page Builder while doing your day to day editing is the interface. Even though this a new interface, the BB team has kept it simple so that you will be able to get used to it quickly and without any issue. Blazing Fast Performance BB team has done a fantastic job with improving the performance, and the result is phenomenal. The module settings page loads fast, and from a raw performance standpoint, everything in Beaver Builder is faster, snappier, and a joy
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