This next release includes several features and improvements on many levels. We are adding a way to switch between the header toolbar and toolbars attached to the block by opening the toggle menu at the top right and choosing the behaviour. There has been convincing arguments for both approaches so we want to make it easier to test both easily. Other notable features include the ability to transform multiple blocks of the same type into other blocks (like many images into a gallery). There are improvements to meta-boxes (dropping iframes), foundational work for nested blocks and global blocks, many design updates, and initial integration with JS hooks. Add toggle to switch between top-level toolbar and toolbars attached to each block. We have gotten great feedback on the benefits of both approaches and want to expand testing of each. Ability to transform multiple-selected blocks at once — multiple images into a gallery, multiple paragraphs into lists. Add @-mention autocomplete for users in a site. Add data layer for reusable blocks and wp_blocks post type name. Allow pasting standalone images and uploading them (also supports pasting base64 encoded images). Allow block nesting
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