Holiday is upon us, even if you are not shopaholic (most likely you are, as you are reading this post!), this is the best time of the year to buy digital or physical products. I use this time to shop or renew things that I am going to use for the next year. I actually save things I want to buy in a To-Buy Shopping List in Apple Notes, but while discussing with few of my folks about what I am preparing to buy this year, they were asking me to share the list with them, so I thought why not make my Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Shopping List public? It's not secret, maybe it will save some of your time where I have already did the research and digg properly, and in the same way you guys could advice me if you found some interesting deals in the comment*. I just upgraded to new MacBook Pro 15-inch latest 2017 model with the Touch Bar. I am upgrading from my near 7 years old MacBook Pro Early 2011, this time I decide not to directly migrate using Time Machine, instead I am setting up new machine from scratch. So, I took time to re think my app preference and work environment. I tried to move away from some of the apps and services I was used to for many years, and opened my heart for new and
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