Are you thinking to start a blog? According to HostingFacts, There are 1.24 Billion websites available as of August 2017, and this number is growing every day. You are not only going to compete with them but also with the new ones coming up every day. There are two key things to start a blog and make it a success: Your knowledge about your niche Understanding of your audience Most of the first time blog owners do a good research on the niche, make sure they have a good hand on their topic, write quality content and assume that’s what their audience wants. Many times it’s not true. If you are starting a blog, knowing what your audience wants and where to find them can save you from the long uneventful journey. So How Should You Start? To start any successful blog, you need to make sure that your research your audience along with your niche. The downfall of many blogs is that they try to concentrate too much on organic traffic or Google at the start. Google or organic traffic takes its sweet time to grow, and you need to keep putting your effort, and blog owners lose motivation long before they would have seen the results. If you research your audience in advance, you would
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